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We understand construction. Randstad construction property & engineering has long been campaigning to support women in the industry. Stretching back over 15 years, Randstad has produced research and been at the forefront of discussions around the gender pay gap and what is needed to see more women transition into senior roles.

When looking at key skills, it is important to understand how our workforce will be able to deliver what is needed in the future. To build 300,000 more homes, we will need around one million workers, and we are dedicated to supporting organisations in meeting this target. Attracting more women into the industry would help in plugging the skills gap we are seeing across multiple sectors.

In 2016 we challenged the industry to have a 25 per cent female workforce by 2020. We highlighted that with many key projects underway it is vital for more women to not only enter the industry but to remain in construction, making retention key.

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